Hi! I'm Alex.

Product manager, amateur product designer, data scientist, mathematical engineer.

Questioning and curious. Fact-driven. Opinionated. Plant-based.

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    Please check my LinkedIn profile for detailed job descriptions and education, including online courses. Contact me for my resume with detailed achievements.

    In a Nutshell

    • Based in Corvallis (Oregon) but originally from Brussels (Belgium).
    • Worked in Geneva (Switzerland) for two years.
    • Passionate about users, framing problems, and coming up with solutions.
    • Believer in data and the scientific method.
    • Intuition-driven people person.
    • Explored 35+ countries. Progress is diversity.
    • Surrounded by loving friends and family members.
    • Married to an amazing human being.
    • Frequently nerd sniped.
    • How much reading is too much?

    A great person fights for the dignity of those most vulnerable.

    Kaamelott, Book VI

    👋 · GitHub · LinkedIn · Instagram · Twitter
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